With the resources and the expertise to take on large projects and the versatility to tackle anything from a small maintenance repair through to a complete refurbishment, Aedean have been the number one choice for over 35 years.

Have a browse through some of our services below. If you don’t see exactly what you need just drop us a line and we can sort it out for you.


Flooring Services

Aedean Industrial Flooring provides a complete one-stop service for the supply and application of industrial seamless surfaces.

We pride ourselves upon long and successful 25 year history in providing hands-on help and advice to those who require an industrial flooring service.

Aedean supply and install specialist polyurethane and epoxy resin flooring systems, including the latest polymer self-smoothing pump-able floor screeds.

We provide a brief overview of the most commonly installed systems our company install.

Dust Proofing – Roller or spray applied low viscosity penetration dustproofers.  Designed to economically harden and create a dust free floor finish.

Floor – Paint – Coating
Water based or solvent free coatings designed for factories/warehouses and most commercial and industrial situations. Uses the latest epoxy resin technology.

Self smoothing epoxy resin/polyurethane screeds
Provides a very smooth and dense surface, ideally suited where a more heavy duty finish is required.

Epoxy/polyurethane screeds
These products are generally used where very high impact, abrasion and/or chemical resistance is required.

Polymer self-smoothing floor screeds
This product provides the ability to install a thin overlaid floor (5-15mm) within the fastest possible time (up to 1,500m2 a day). The screed is pump applied to the floor surface, smoothing and levelling out the original irregular surface.

Flooring Preparation

In general a concrete surface will be prepared using one or several of the following specialist methods:

  • Dust free shot blasting
  • Diamond grinding
  • Floor planing
  • Oil contamination removal

The need for complete and thorough preparation of the existing floor surface prior to installing of any flooring surface cannot be over emphasised. It is pointless applying specialist finishes to an unprepared surface leading to future possible failure.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what type of flooring you require, as we are here to help. Just contact us and we will advise and help, without obligation.

With 25 years of experience in the flooring industry Aedean have accumulated a wealth of experience within the industry.

Plumbing Services

Specialist in-house and sub contract engineers available to undertake all aspects of commercial and domestic plumbing.

We respond quickly and professionally to all types of jobs ranging from refurbishment projects to just unblocking toilets.

  • Leak and overflow repairs
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Pumped wastes
  • Hot water – circulation pumps, immersion heaters and cylinders
  • Taps and wastes 
  • Water calorifiers 
  • Sensor taps, toilet flushes & urinal flushes 

All these services are done in conjunction with our own Building Services Team

Drainage Services

We offer a variety of services including:

  • Drain clearance including Urinals, toilet pans, sinks and basins.
  • CCTV Drain Surveys
  • High pressure water drain jetting
  • No dig technology drain lining repairs & renovations
  • New drainage installed
  • Sewage locating / tracing
  • Excavation drain repair & replacement
  • Drain maintenance

We have electric power borers which feed down the waste pipes until they find the blockage and then break the blockage up. Here are an example of some of the tools that we carry on our vans.

Please note that some of the mentioned services are offered in conjunction with our Drainage Clearance Service Provider. All work is over seen by Aedean Limited.

All these services are done in conjunction with our own Building Services Team

Waste Services

We provide total site waste clearance no matter what the waste or the quantity.
Aedean Limited are registered with the Environment Agency and our latest certificate can be downloaded here.
All our engineers have completed Asbestos Awareness courses and Asbestos sampling and removal is completed by our long term approved specialist contractor.


We offer the identification and management of all forms of asbestos waste clearance.
Discrete sampling service
Air monitoring
Surveys – Management & Refurbishment / Demolition Surveys

Fly Tipping Removal

All types of waste including special contaminated waste removed and site brought back to original condition. We can then offer solutions to help prevent reoccurrence with concrete barriers, bollards, gates etc

Abandoned & Burnt Out Vehicles

A regular occurrence something we deal with quickly and efficiently. We also offer cleaning and repairing of any damaged pavement or road surfaces following the removal of the vehicle if required.

Oil Containment

Anything from oil spillage, installation of water oil booms to installing new drainage into oil interceptors. We have the experience and expertise to deal with all situations.

Oil Interceptors

Cleaning of interceptors to installing / maintaining alarm systems.


High pressure water jetting clearance, CCTV surveys, sludge gulping surcharged manholes, no dig sewer renovation to installing new drainage.

Industrial / Commercial Cleaning

We have a pressure washer / water bowser trailer unit and many other specialist cleaning tools that include carpet cleaners, wet vacuums, dry vacuums and steam cleaners
Pressure washing of pavements & roads
Cleaning of oil contamination
Empty office / industrial unit cleaning
Graffiti removal including preventative sealants to help assist any further removal

Some of these services are undertaken in conjunction with our long term approved specialist contractors and then the work is always overseen / managed by Aedean Limited.

Roofing Services

Domestic Roofs

  • Flat roofs repaired or renewed from a standard 3 layer felting system through to a bespoke roofing system 
  • Flat roof patch repairs using liquid flexible roof sealant & felt overlay 
  • Pitched roofs repaired and renewed (tiles & slates) 
  • Moss removal and treatment 
  • Chimney repairs and repointing 
  • Re-pointing of roofs
  • Guttering and downpipes repaired and renewed
  • Facias and soffits repaired or renewed (timber & UPVC)
  • Fly tipping removed, site sanitised following human waste left by travellers, oils and chemicals removed and site brought back to original condition and sometimes better.

Industrial and Commercial Roofs

  • Repairs to asphalt invert insulation roof systems 
  • Repairs and renewal of asphalt flat roofs
  • Roof light and dome repairs and replacement
  • Roof sheet repairs and replacement 
  • Flue repairs and replacement
  • Flashing repairs and replacement 
  • Roofing safety and man safe systems maintained and installed (temporary or permanent systems) 

Annual Maintenance Service


  • A comprehensive roof maintenance report with photographs 
  • Regular maintenance helps prevent the need for larger more expensive repairs
  • Cleaning of roofs, gutters, box gutters 
  • Unblocking of outlets and adjoining downpipes 
  • Emergency Repairs to flat and pitched roofs
  • Leak Detection & Repairs
  • Free surveys and quotations 
  • Qualified IPAF trained engineers to use self propelled boom (cherry pickers) for difficult access requirements

All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

Air Conditioning

In-house engineers and our partnership with specialist contractors mean we can offer full install, upgrades, servicing & maintenance for Commercial and Domestic Air Conditioning systems.

  • Do you wish to project a fresh, healthy ambience for staff, customers and guests?
  • Have you got critical IT systems that requires protection against overheating?
  • Have you changed your office layout so does your air conditioning system also require alterations?
  • Have you an air conditioning system that requires service and maintenance?

Types of Systems

Split Systems
The split system is the most simplistic of air conditioning systems and are used for small to medium sized buildings. They come in single, twin,triple and quad systems.

This system is mostly used for commercial premises where multiple indoor units can be installed to provide individually controlled cooling or heating functions in different rooms or locations.

These are similar to multi-split systems but VRF systems suit larger facilities and carry more options for indoor units as these systems offer simultaneous heating & cooling at any one time. VRF systems are also used on large applications where long pipe-work routes and multiple indoor units are required.

Servicing and Maintenance

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance 
  • Scheduled maintenance programs
  • Priority call out to contract clients
All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

Heating & Ventilation

  • Commercial & Domestic
  • Boiler servicing & repairs
  • Regular maintenance plans
  • Power flushing
  • Chemical clean of heating systems
  • BMS Controls
  • Heating controls
  • ‘Gas Safe’ Registered engineers
  • Maintenance of Air Handling Units including filter changes

work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

Locksmith Services

  • Open and change locks -non destructive entry wherever possible
  • Fast & professional service
  • Locks supplied and installed
  • UPVC door locks repaired & installed 
  • Security keys and keyed alike suites 
  • Doors hung & repaired 
  • Door closers installed and serviced – overhead, concealed floor & transom concealed
  • Security grilles & bars installed – collapsible gates and grilles custom made to your requirements 
  • Safes supplied and installed
  • Access control & Intercom – from a simple mechanical digital door lock to a complete bespoke electronic system 
  • Doors & shutters

All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

Security & Fencing

  • Gates
  • Gate risk assessment, force test results, installation / maintenance log
  • Bollards, crash barrier, swing gates, automatic rising arm barriers
  • Swing & sliding gates
  • Height restriction gates 
  • Fences installed & repaired – Palisade, Ultra Palisade, Railings, Mesh Fencing, Chainlink, Rolled Weld Mesh & Timber
  • Onsite fabrication & welding
  • Workshop fabrication, galvanising and powder coating 
  • Maintenance programmes tailored to your requirements 

Bollards and Posts



Maintenance Programes

We offer 3 levels of maintenance contracts for gates, barriers and bollards. 

Level 1

– Priority Call out response within 24 hours
– Servicing and inspection visit after 6 months
– Service, inspection and force testing after 12 months
– Review of the risk assessment after 12 months or a change in the use or operation of the equipment

Level 2

As level 1 but with Unlimited call outs

Level 3

As level 1 but with unlimited parts and callouts.

Any call outs for damage or misuse will be chargeable for parts or labour.

All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

Asbestos Removal

We can provide total site clearance no matter what the waste. In partnership with our authorised hazardous service provider we can safely clear asbestos, hydro-carbons, ionising radiation, chemicals etc.


Identification and management of all forms of asbestos based products, including a discrete sampling service with all samples analysed by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

Please note that some of the mentioned services are offered in conjunction with our authorised Hazardous Service Provider. All work is over seen by Aedean Limited.

  • Sampling
  • Analysis
  • Independent air and personal monitoring
  • Building surveys in accordance with MDHS 100 – including the compiling of a register and fully intrusive surveys prior to strip-out or demolition projects.
  • Asbestos removal – by a Health & Safety Executive licensed contractor.
  • Asbestos collection and disposal – from single sheets and board to 35 cubic yard containers.
  • MDHS 100 – Methods of Determining Hazardous Substances 100. The aim of this amendment to the current Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 1987 is to ensure that every commercial and public occupied property holds an on-site Asbestos Register by 1st May 2004. This can be arranged in conjunction with our authorised Hazardous Service Provider.

Special Waste

Disposal – We can arrange secure collection and disposal of all forms of waste (asbestos, hydro-carbons, ionising radiation, chemicals etc)

All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

All Carpentry Projects

We undertake all aspects of carpentry including:

  • Commercial & Domestic
  • Locks & door closers installed
  • Doors hung
  • Solid and laminate floor laying
  • Shelving & cabinets designed and installed
  • Radiator cabinets custom installed
  • Kitchens professionally designed and installed from functional commercial to designer
  • External work including facia, soffits, decking, fencing & windows (timber & UPVC)

In fact anything to do with timber and we can build it.

All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

Decorating Services

We have a team of highly skilled decorators specialising in all aspects of decorating for Commercial, Industrial and Residential projects.

  • Experts in specification analysis working with technical advisors & suppliers
  • Highest quality preparation enabling a quality finish
  • All access requirements catered for in conjunction with our access plant suppliers
  • Contract vinyl and wallpapering including Muraspec
  • Experts in painting and decorating to suit all budgets
  • Intumescent paints applied from 30 minutes to 120 minutes protection
  • Clean and tidy
  • Uniformed decorators


Decoration of heavy duty areas including warehouses, steelwork, cladding and roofing


Create the best possible impression by refreshing your business premises


Brighten up your home and see the difference it makes

Retail Parks

All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

Tarmac / Asphalt

  • Commercial, industrial & domestic works undertaken
  • Road repairs & resurfacing
  • Speed bumps & tables (asphalt or rubber)
  • Car Parks
  • Industrial Estates
  • Pothole repairs
  • Pavements


  • Foundations
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Excavation & landscaping
  • Drainage (channel, manholes, inspection chambers & gullies)

Block Paving & Paving Slabs

  • Commercial, industrial & domestic works undertaken
  • Concrete block paving
  • Decorative paving

Road Marking

  • Car park marking & re-highlighting works
  • Products include Thermoplastic, High Pressure Spray, Epoxy Resin & Preform Markings
  • Anti-skid surfacing
  • Playgrounds
  • Highways
  • Rumble strips
  • Asphalt restoration

All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

Office Interiors & Ceilings

We can design, build and install new workspace and washroom areas

  • Break-out areas
  • Receptions
  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices
  • Store rooms
  • Washrooms
  • Partitions (solid, part or fully glazed)
  • Architectural glass
  • Suspended ceilings & modular lighting
  • Doors
  • Fire screens
  • Storage walls
  • Office divider partitions (custom made)

All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

Office Furniture & Supplies

As part of our one stop shop for our clients we provide the following:

  • Office furniture & products supplied & delivered (vast catalogue including 18,500 items available upon request)
  • Computers / IT Equipment supplied
  • Our IT technician can install and repair any hardware or software issues
  • Regular supplies (printer cartridges & toner)
  • Items ranging from paper to 100″ flat screens
  • Mobile phones & broadband hardware with subscriptions
  • Items can be ordered via email using catalogue numbers and delivery usually within 24hrs

All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.

Gritting & Snow Clearance

We offer reactive and planned gritting services but please be aware during very poor weather conditions we do get very busy so please get your request in as soon as possible.

During busy times we call on our approved gritting and snow clearance specialist subcontractors.

  • We offer tailor made gritting programmes, using specialist spreading equipment designed for use on both large and small premises
  • Gritting can be undertaken outside office hours to minimise any disruption to the working day
  • Safecontractor approved
  • Clean granular de-icing salt spread
  • Supply and delivery only available of granular salt at competitive prices, grit bins, snow shovels etc
  • Well established locally based operation
  • Dedicated ‘hand crews’ during snow fall for footpath and restricted access clearance

When do we start gritting

Salt is ideally spread before the roads and paths become icy or snow starts to fall which is know as precautionary salting.

Prevention of ice formation is better practice than treating already formed ice/fallen snow.
We recommend to spread 10-15 grams per square metre for precautionary salting and 20-40 grams during sub zero temperatures and snow.

Lets us monitor the weather and go out when needed or we can wait for your call, you decide.

All work is overseen by Aedean Limited where service partners are used.